While SA has been relatively free from COVID-19 the past couple months, out of control numbers in Victoria pose an enormous risk to our state.

Victoria is being inundated by new cases of COVID-19 cases daily and the number of people trying to cross the border from VIC to SA incognito is a worrying trend that continues.

The Australian Army is rallying up troops to protect the borders at common crossover points, but most of us believe the reintroduction of Corona Virus to our state is inevitable.

Many fear the fines do not dishearten would-be ‘aliens’ from crossing. However new measures are being taken:

  1. Victorians coming into SA will now have to be tested for coronavirus twice
  2. Police dogs will join police and soldiers at border checkpoints
  3. Three people have failed to report to a medical centre after coming into SA

Time will tell if these measures are enough. Let’s for now keep our fingers crossed.