Radiohead finish up YouTube concert streams

Radiohead have concluded their ‘Lockdown’ concert tour after a 13 week stint beginning back in mid April.

Each week, the band have posted a memorable concert to their YouTube concert for all to enjoy while being locked in their homes due to the Covid debacle.

They finished the 13 week series with a concert played in France, Eurockéennes de Belfort, Lac du Malsaucy, Belfort to be exact, which they played on 4th July in 1997 whilst touring on their latest album release at the time, OK Computer.

You can watch the concert on YouTube right here.

Skip to any track on the setlist below:

01: Lucky [OK Computer] 00:00:28

02: Bones [The Bends] 00:05:04

03: Airbag [OK Computer] 00:08:30

04: My Iron Lung [The Bends] 00:13:12

05: Exit Music(For A Film) [OK Computer] 00:18:14

06: The Bends [The Bends] 00:23:05

07: No Surprises [OK Computer] 00:27:18

08: Talk Show Host [Street Spirit (Fade Out) EP] 00:31:17

09: Fake Plastic Trees [The Bends] 00:36:06

10: Paranoid Android [OK Computer] 00:41:08

11: Planet Telex [The Bends] 00:47:23

12: Climbing Up The Walls [OK Computer] 00:51:50

13: Street Spirit (Fade Out) [The Bends] 00:56:02

14: Creep [Pablo Honey] 01:00:57

15: Just [The Bends] 01:05:35