How To Listen


There are many ways you can listen to BitWaves! 

Tune in right here on 

Download the official BitWaves online radio app for Apple by clicking the download on the App Store box below

Download the official BitWaves online radio app for Android by clicking the download on the Google Play box below

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Windows/PC/Mac/Linux/Chrome OS –

Have an Amazon Alexa? add the MyTunerRadio Skill once added to get Alexa to play BitWaves follow these instructions:

Alexa open my tuner radio 
Alexa play BitWaves South Australia
Then Alexa will list off stations (normally Coles radio is 1 and BitWaves is second)
Pick the number for BitWaves South Australia (Normally 2)

Want to make it easy to listen to BitWaves?

You can buy some devices that have internet radio pre-installed or using devices such as amazon Alexa!

Pure Elan Connect+ – Jb Hi-Fi RRP $199 [Buy Here]
Pure Elan Connect – Jb Hi-Fi RRP $149 [Buy Here]

Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa Show – Amazon store – RRP $199 [Buy Here] 
Amazon Alexa Echo – Amazon store – RRP $149 [Buy Here]

How to interact with BitWaves:

Tune into BitWaves and listen to the best music from the 80’s to now and request your favourite song today!

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