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Marc Littlewood



Millennium Bug

Just when you thought, I really wish I had music that I could groove to, I mean you do it's everywhere - BUT not quite like how Marc does it! Join Marc and his weird guests* Fridays from 7 pm with The Millenium bug Playing our favorites for all of you to hear, let's face it, as being millennials were best at Online streaming Internet and this thing librarians referred […]

Made in 86 and old enough to remember the hits (now known as classic hits) but never afraid to try on some new music which has followed through the years and after chasing music, here I am still chasing it!>

Never did I think when I was 11 I would be chasing a career in radio or anything musically, but then out of nowhere at my year 7 graduation, I met a man who changed my life and introduced me to loudspeakers, lights, and CD players!

From that moment on I knew that there was something about entertaining people that just made me feel amazing.

I’ve spent years in radio, both commercial and community, and its a great service and I just lurrrveee entertaining people and talking to them in any way shape or form.

I remember my first ever CD I bought with my own money, it was daft punk – discovery (the album) and I have always been a massive daft punk fan!

I’m still waiting for a tour of theirs to hit Australian shores – I’ll get there eventually I’m sure!

I love 90’s and 00’s throwback music – I just can’t get enough of it and you will hear me playing that on “The Millenium Bug” Fridays from 6 pm or whenever I slot into a time slot!

Can’t wait to chat with y’all soon!


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