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Tim Gilbert


Born in ’81, I was the first to wake on weekends and watch Rage – Saturday & Sundays from age 6 or 7. I grew up in a family of music fanatics & it shaped my love for music from the beginning.

Frequently going through all the oldies cassette tapes I inevitably developed my taste in music & probably had my ears glued to my own boom box for most of every day.

I remember the beginning- It was Alice Coopers Trash album, Ish by 1927 & Johnny Diesel & The Injectors.

Dad thrashed the hell out of ELO’s Greatest hits album, Traveling Wilbury’s Vol.1, Tom Petty’s Full Moon Fever and Elton Johns Sleeping with the past. Being subjected to that magic music shaped my connection with music. The strength of of most of those songs can not be understated!

It was Johnny Diesel & The Injectors that got me mega-hooked.
The angsty, rebellious & aggressive rocking was just something that drew me like a moth to the flame – even if I didn’t understand the meaning behind much of their lyrics (hey a 7 year old is generally oblivious to sexual innuendo – back then at least anyhow..)

As time went on, Diesel went on to release many more albums – each of which the oldies would buy me for Christmas or my birthday. I only listened to Diesel (all day, everyday). In time, I’d spend pocket money or money given to me on birthdays at second hand CD shops.

I discovered Blur, Soundgarden, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against The Machine and Radiohead. The soundscape grew enormous. All of a sudden I found myself swimming in a gigantic sea of musical diversity.

In 96 I discovered Metallica- this was the next phase. It was the Load, Reload and black albums that I dedicated my life to, probably for almost 5 years. Nothing else really existed to me.

In mid to late 2003 Metallica announced they were coming to Australia to play the Big Day Out. I visited a few Metallica forums on the internet daily, and I knew what songs they played every show. At least half of every show was all their old songs, stuff I wasn’t introduced to. I began force-feeding myself their back catalogue. Being entirely made out of thrash metal, it was something I didn’t understand or even like, it took a few goes!

Then it hit me. Doing the dishes, the riffs in Eye of the Beholder just grabbed me, and EVERYTHING followed closely after.

In 2005, after the death of arguably the best guitarist to ever live (Dimebag Darrel) – I got into Pantera. I never understood or appreciated how brilliant Pantera were, or any of the other metal bands- I just dismissed as ‘screaming crap’ and unfortunately it took his death for me to get it.

Everything opened up from there, everything. Opeth, Slayer, Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, Soulfy, System of a Down, Testament, Trivium. There’s way too many bands to list. I’m easily influenced by awesome guitar hooks, grooves, break downs, double kick drumming.

Today, life is balanced. Could be Diesel for breakfast, maybe Revocation for lunch and ELO for dinner. The only thing you can be sure of is that I’ll be consuming some bloody amazing music.

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